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Started July 20, 2012

     The internet has become a very crowded place. When we started TurtleTails.com we worked very hard to be found and to rank high in search results. We no longer worry about where we rank because we get plenty of traffic and email. We are always willing to help. Many people ask us where they can get turtles.

    We like to be different, we like to experiment, and we like to share what we learn with you. Our adoptions pages started as an experiment to be a different kind of adoptions listing. We have adopted some turtles ourselves and have adopted out many turtles. We have also met many nice people and turtles along the way.

     So we are going to try something new and different again. We are creating this list of people looking to acquire pet turtles and tortoises. This is so people in your area with turtles or tortoises they wish to adopt out can contact you directly. 

     We will list people located anywhere in the world and leave your name on the list until you tell us to remove it. It is not uncommon for people to have pet turtles a long time and have no idea what kind of turtle they have so anyone placing their name on this list can expect offers of turtles they are not looking for. We ask you to be open minded. We hope you will also help turtles in need even when you do not intend to keep them as pets. You can always have them listed by us as available for adoption. We also expect you to refuse turtles you do not want or have room for.

     If you represent a rescue or rehab organization, we will be happy to list your organization provided you do not require a donation. If you are an individual only interested in rescuing turtles and tortoises in need, we invite you to be listed too but we will not use the term rescue or rehab in your listing.

     Privacy and security are concerns of many people so we will only list first names and contact information. We will need your country, state, city, zip code, first name, email address or phone number, and the turtles you are interested in acquiring.

     We are sure kids will find this opportunity very inviting. I had turtles when I was a boy and I have given turtles to many kids who were accompanied by adults when they picked up the turtles. I suggest that anyone giving away a turtle to a child only do so if there is an adult present to approve the adoption. If someone deals with a child with not adult to approve the adoption, let us know so we can remove the listing.

     If you attempt to contact someone and get no response or the contact information does not work, please let us know. Many people will put their names on lists and then never check their email or remember to update their info when their email address changes.  With your help we can minimize dead links. 

     As always this is a free service for people seeking to acquire pet turtles. If you sell turtles, we do not want you to have your name placed on our list. We do not criticize you for selling turtles but this is a free service for free turtles.

     As always, your feedback will be greatly appreciated.


People looking for Turtles:

USA, Arizona,
Contact Jeff at talamentez1@gmail.com. Jeff is interested in adopting two red-eared sliders.
USA, California,
Contact Donna at Donnashealor@gmail.com or 925-324-2795. Donna is interested in adopting a few water turtles. However, she says she has enough red-eared sliders for now.
USA, California,
Pittsburg 94565
Contact Evelyn at edomaoan@gmail.com or 925-473-9113. Evelyn is interested in adopting North American box turtles to join her back yard turtle.
USA, California, Las Angles Contact John at 661-902-8695 or lawlerjohn51@gmail.com. John is looking for red-eared sliders especially an adult male for his female.
USA, Florida, Davenport Contact Lurie at 863-419-4221 or smallfry9468@yahoo.com. Laurie is looking for a three-striped mud turtle preferably a male as a companion to her female three-striped mud turtle.
USA, Florida,
Ft. Lauderdale
Contact Josephine at jguanio@existusa.com or 954-739-7030. Josephine is looking to adopt some baby box turtles.
USA, Florida,
Ft. Lauderdale
Contact Jerry at BAKERLOVE9@aol.com. Jerry has lots of outdoor space for red-eared sliders.
USA, Florida,
Ft. Lauderdale
Contact Mary Ann at 917-716-4684 or maryannsgarlato@icloud.com. Mary Ann is looking for one or two red-eared sliders to join her two red-eared sliders.
USA, Florida,
Ft. Myers
Contact Pam at pbalke@comcast.net. Pam is interested in adopting land turtles or their eggs for her back yard.
USA, Florida,
Contact Jennifer at exclusivejenniferr@gmail.com or 786-277-5226. Jennifer is interested in adopting baby and small turtles both water and land turtles.
USA, Florida,
Contact Oby at 407-242-4797 or oby@911restoration.com. Oby is interested in adopting box turtles.
USA, Florida,
Contact Soleimy at 407-768-1941 or soleimy1888@gmail.com. Soleimy is looking to adopt baby or small aquatic turtles especially exotic species like terrapins and sidenecks.
USA, Kentucky, Maysville Contact Brad at 606-375-2508 or 7861brad@gmail.com. Brad is interested in adopting Russian and red-footed tortoises and would accept other turtles even some sliders.
USA, Illinois,
Aurora 60504
Contact Trinity at shawt2031@comcast.net or 630-269-2007. Trinity is interested in adopting North American box turtles especially young ones and is willing to pick them up anywhere in the greater Chicago area.
USA, Illinois, Plainfield Contact Ken at kennethholden@sbcglobal.net. Len will take red-eared sliders.
USA, Illinois, Schaumburg Contact Ron at 847-891-3627 or ronholt@comcast.net. Ron has a backyard pond and would welcome some red-eared sliders to it.
USA, Maryland, Ellicott City Contact Mike at tykie66@yahoo.com or 443-250-6848. Mike is looking to adopt several eastern box turtles.
USA, Michigan, Grand Rapids Contact Jessica at jessica.zylstra@gmail.com or 616-558-4027. Jessica is looking to adopt some box turtles and map turtles and is willing to pick them up even in neighboring states.
USA, Minnesota, Duluth Contact Rachel at daisybaytoday@gmail.com. Rachel is willing to pick up turtles in Minneapolis/St. Paul including red-eared sliders.
USA, Mississippi, Bruce Contact Jennifer at jenmay286@yahoo.com or 662-760-1352. Jennifer has one red-eared slider and would like to adopt another water turtle to keep her turtle company.
USA, Nebraska, Lincoln Contact Jesse at 402-617-9691 or jesse2542@icloud.com. Jesse in interested in adapting turtles of any species.
USA, New Mexico,
Contact Ryanne at ryannecarrillo@hotmail.com. Ryanne is interested in adopting box turtles and tortoises.
USA, New Mexico,
Contact Nicole at sunshine4cole@yahoo.com. Nicole is interested in adopting North American box turtles and other land turtles and tortoises.
USA, New Mexico, Santa Fe Contact Judith at bcazima@aol.com or 505-920-8813. Judith is interested in adopting box turtles and small tortoises.
USA, New York, Nyack Contact Nisa at 845-893-9512 or nisalee123@gmail.com. Nisa has a big backyard pond and is interested in giving some water turtles a new home with her.
USA, North Carolina,
Contact Chick at cludwig485@ gmail.com or 828-595-9432. Chick is interested in adopting many species especially those not found in NC.
USA, Ohio, Lancaster Contact Kyle at kylebeiterjr@gmail.com or 908-240-6533. Kyle is especially interested in adopting more box turtles and terrapins.
USA, Ohio, Middletown Contact Russell at 937-855-3777 or annrustym@fairpoint.net. Russell has land and ponds available in southwest Ohio for pond and land turtles including red-eared sliders.
USA, Oregon, Ontario Contact Cyrstal at aubridawnsmommy@gmail.com. Cyrstal's family would like to adopt a turtle possibly a western box turtle. They are located in a high desert climate.
USA, Oregon, Portland Contact Regina at regidreale@yahoo.com or 970-556-3280. Regina is interested in adopting box turtles.
USA, Oregon, Portland Contact Bradyn at 5sharta5@gmail.com or 360-784-0135. Braydyn is
interested in adopting any species of box turtles.
USA, Pennsylvania,
Breinigsville 18031
 Contact Tom at TurtleTails.com . I am the owner of TurtleTails.com and Emily, my Florida Red-bellied turtle, wants a mate. He may come to live with us or only come to visit and mate with Emily. Our telephone number is 610-530-0570.
USA, Pennsylvania,
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
Contact Josh at jchoi1216@gmail.com or 201-463-9419. Josh is looking for one baby or juvenile snapping turtle or one diamondback terrapin.
USA, Pennsylvania, Easton Contact Les at 610-417-3940 or Lynn at 610-417-2782 or email them at purplecowcream57@aol.com. Les and Lynn are looking for water turtles and land turtles to live on their property which includes multiple ponds. Red-eared sliders are welcome.
USA, Pennsylvania,
Contact Mike at mtiero4@gmail.com or 412-480-8432. Mike is looking to adopt or take in box turtles of any species including rescued turtles.
USA, Tennessee, Greenville Contact Emerald at 423-815-6019 or emeraldcrystalweflen@gmail.com. Emerald is looking for a turtle or tortoise preferably a tortoise that does not get too big.
USA, Texas, Bardfield 75041 Contact Jimmy at jimmyatias7@gmail.com. Jimmy is interested in adopting any species of turtles especially three-toed box turtles.
USA, Texas, Canadian Contact Rob at 806-323-6025 or rrogers@yft.net who will take red-eared sliders.
USA, Texas, Dallas 
Ft Worth
Contact Wayne at shepherdinspection@hotmail.com or 817-401-1474. Wayne is interested in adopting North American box turtles and other land turtles or tortoises.
USA, Texas, Killeen Contact Angela at 903-681-6251, shehulk247@gmail.com, or apheliciouslips@gmail.com who will take red-eared sliders and other water turtles.
USA, Texas, Murhison Contact Angela at 903-681-6251 or shehulk247@gmail.com. Angela is interested in providing a forever home to more red-eared sliders.
USA, Virginia, Centerville Contact Jeff at 818-970-2915 or jlofiremedic@gmail.com. Jeff is looking for sliders and may adopt other water turtles.
USA, Virginia,
Contact Peggy at rohanfarm@yahoo.com or 540-937-4999. Peggy and her son Rob are interested in adopting North American land and water turtles. They have lots of room to share with them. They would also adopt exotic turtles that need to be inside during the winter.
USA, Washington, Graham Contact Cheryl at 253-313-4050 or cherylerbar@msn.com. Cheryl is looking for land or water turtles for her enclosed back yard.
USA, Washington, Grayland Contact David at 360-267-5521 or oceanacres@hotmail.com. David has a two acre pond and will take red-eared sliders.
USA, West Virginia,
New Cumberland 26047
Contact Danny at Dantheman1921@gmail.com. Dan would like to adopt eastern box turtles.
Canada, Alterta, Medicine Hat Contact Allison and Kevin at 403-957-1285 or clicketysnap@gmail.com. Allison and Kevin are interested in adding some turtles to their family and also caring for turles while new homes for them are found.
Canada, Hamilton,
Ontario L8L 6J8
Contact Gregory at gregoryabonaccorso@hotmail.ca. Gregory is interested in adopting some painted turtles, yellow-bellied sliders, box turtles, and small tortoises like Hermann tortoises.
Canada, Ontario, Toronto Contact Heather at hmfulton@gmail.com who is looking for red-eared sliders.
New Zealand, Tauranga, Contact Ethan at etayle@hotmail.co.nz. Ethan is interested in all species of turtles.

Email us at TurtleTails.com.

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